2018 Ford F-550

This year will remain in indication of Ford vehicles. This company is preparing lots of brand-new models for 2018 season. There are upgraded Focus, tuned ST, and Shelby GT500 from cars vary. Crossover class expects refreshed Explorer, Edge and Escape. Most likely, the most intriguing will be among trucks. Beside F-150, company is going to release 2018 Ford F-550 strong pickup. This truck is much bigger than more popular F-150. Also, it is capable to do more than other smaller trucks. Commuting and driving in urban area are not best things to do with F-550. However, if you require major maker for work, you are at ideal place.

2018 Ford F550  Engine High Resolution Photo

2018 Ford F-550 Engine

Big drivetrain is at must for 2018 Ford F-550. This truck will get power from 6.2-l V-8 engine. We suppose 380 hp and 470 lb-ft of torque are enough for hard work. Nevertheless, there are two other possibilities. Turbo-diesel engine provides more torque, while power suffers. On the other hand, bigger fuel system can make more on both ends. So, with 6.8-l V-10 drivetrain, we can anticipate new F-550 to deliver 450 hp and probably over 500 lb-ft of torque. A 6-speed automated transmission will be the main choice, if Ford fail to develop and introduce brand-new 8-speed transmission.

2018 Ford F550  New Design

2018 Ford F-550 Design

It may not be the vehicle for showing off, however 2018 Ford F-550 has powerful look. Well, every item must entice its purchasers with its exterior. So it is with pickup vehicles. New F-550 is strong and strong. Its grille, hood, roofing system, bed are explaining statement. Nevertheless, its interior is not there to be classy. Also, brand-new truck is not completing in luxurious equipment utilized for cabin. But, motorists need to feel terrific piece of convenience, especially at long working days. And Ford supplies them with it. Soft seats, leather on the steering wheel and nice style of control panel are superbly blended. There are likewise some information, which makes this work maker a little bit elegant.

2018 Ford F550  Side   Image

2018 Ford F-550 Price

We still have no idea the number of can setups and trims are going to belong to 2018 lineup. However, professionals approximate base rate from $38,000. Obviously, 2018 Ford F-550 will get high-end versions, priced over $55,000.